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About Us

About Musicians Warehouse

Musicians Warehouse was formed originally as a production company in 2003 by Martin Gravestock and Grant Collins.

In our capacity as a backline provider, we noticed one thing that we thought Dubai was missing…a proper ‘guitar’ shop!
When we say proper, we mean somewhere where you can come and look and plug in, and make noise if you want to…a place where you don’t just have to look at drums, you can hit them!

With over 25 years experience in music retail as concurrent managers of the famous ‘The Bass Centre’ and later ‘World of Guitars’ in London, we figured that we were the ones to do it.

So we did, and here we are, 6,500 sq ft. of guitars, basses, amps, keyboards, drums, straps, and strings etc from the worlds leading manufacturers (and someone to fix them and make them play better).

We offer part-exchange if you fancy a change and a workshop to rejuvenate your favourite axe. Come visit us today and have a play…

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