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A new line of quality drum gig bags. Ranging in size from 10 toms to 22 bass drums, the new SKB line of drum gig bags provides drummers another option for protecting their drums and cymbals. Cases are available individually or in the most popular set configurations. 

Constructed of Ballistic Nylon, the SKB drum bags include heavy duty dual zippers and fully lined interiors. All bags include ergonomic handles with double stitched straps for maximum durability. Case sizes can accommodate various depths. The 1SKB-CB22 cymbal gig bag (sold separately) can hold up to 22 cymbals and includes individual internal dividers for added protection. 

The 1SKB-DBS1 consists of 5 bags: 1SKB-DB6514, 1SKB-DB0910, 1SKB-DB1012, 1SKB-DB1414, 1SKB-DB1822. Fits 6.5x14 Snare, 9x10 Tom, 10x12 Tom, 14x14 Floor Tom, 18x22 Bass Drum
Our Price: AED 803.25

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