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M-Cubed-BLK Desktop Bluetooth Audio System

M-Cubed-BLK Desktop Bluetooth Audio System
M-Cubed-BLK Desktop Bluetooth Audio System
M-Cubed-BLK Desktop Bluetooth Audio System
Meters Desktop Bluetooth Wireless System Speaker, 20 Watts Stereo

Sweet, stylish and dynamic. The Meters Cubed Bluetooth Home Micro Audio System by Ashdown Engineering will rumble your desktop or bookshelf. 

Designed in Britain 
With a heritage in British bass amplification, Meters Cubed are three 90mm cubes _ one micro amplifier and two 2.5ī high power stereo speakers at 10 watts per channel. Meters Cubed is a micro audio system like no other and utilizes Ashdown Engineerings signature VU meter, normally reserved for reading the input levels on bass guitar amplifiers. The illuminated VU shows the music playback level status at a glance, so you dont only hear your music _ you see it too! 

Bluetooth Technology 
Spotify has never sounded so good! Bluetooth 4.0 technology allows for wireless music streaming to your smartphone, tablet, laptop, PC or Mac with reinforced audio quality. Meters Cubed also features a 3.5mm jack aux-in for use with non-Bluetooth devices too. 

Small, yet powerful 
With a diameter of just 90mm (cubed) and neatly rounded styling, the mains powered Meters Cubed take up little desk space but pack a punch with mSound DSP Sound Enhancement Technology. 

Meters Cubed Key Features Include: 
- The latest in Wireless Bluetooth Technology for wireless streaming from your MP3/mobile device 
- mSound DSP Sound Enhancement Technology 
- Trademark Ashdown VU Meter 
- 2 x 2.5ī High Power True RMS 10W+10W Stereo 
- 3.5mm Jack Aux-In to connect and play from your MP3/mobile device, desktop or laptop computer 
- Mains Power Supply 
- Available in Black or White Finish
Our Price: AED 838.95

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