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Laney Nexus Tube All-Valve Bass Head

Laney Nexus Tube All-Valve Bass Head
Laney Nexus Tube All-Valve Bass Head
Laney Nexus Tube All-Valve Bass Head
Laney Nexus Tube All-Valve Bass Head
Laney Nexus Tube All-Valve Bass Head

Designed and built to the highest professional standards using the best available parts. The Nexus all-tube bass head with its menacing _Terminator_ looks just oozes quality even before you hear its crushing bass tone.

The Nexus TUBE packs a high tech preamp with over 24 features on the front panel alone! Might look complicated but it is laid out logically and can be tailored to your individual needs.

Internally the NEXUS TUBE packs massively oversized torroidal transformers _ big bass means big power requirements!


Valve-wise the Nexus Tube comes loaded with 12AX7_s handling the gain side of things, a 12B7 handling the drive and 8 rugged KT88 power valves _ pushing out 400 watts of bass punch and midrange crunch. Gold plated relays and hefty grille protection give the Nexus a heavy weight but beautifully constructed persona!

Increasing the Terminator feel of the Nexus TUBE is its internal array of LEDs that glow bright blue and red when in use indicating valve status. This extensive protection system also includes separate fuses per power valve to prevent total shutdown in the event of individual failure.

From vintage valve soaked bass lines, coloured with tube distortion, to clean slap and pop with more treble, the ability to switch from/between/combine tube gain or fet gain means that the possibilities are endless. You can add more punch to your sound with the on board compressor, you can add more bass with the on board sub feature, versatility is king.

The supplied foot switch also gives you the ability to switch in and out the internal compressor and graphic and parametric EQ for ultimate on stage control.

The rear panel of the Nexus-TUBE houses everything the player will need when it comes to interfacing with outboard gear and cabinet compliments.


High quality Neutrik combination speakon/jack sockets give you cabinet options down to 2 Ohms, FX Loop, XLR DI out _ selectable Pre/Post EQ option and a pre-amp out/Power amp in loop give you everything you need and the panel is finished off with a tuner out socket and a port for connecting the custom FS5 footswitch supplied with the unit.
Our Price: AED 7,245.00

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