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Laney TI100 100W Tube Guitar Amp Head Black

Laney TI100 100W Tube Guitar Amp Head  Black

Laney TI100 100W Tube Guitar Amp Head  Black

Since 1979 Tony Iommi has been using Laney, now you can get Iommi's tone with the Tony Iommi Signature amp.
The TI100 was born out of an exhaustive period of product development, hand in hand with Iommi at every stage, assessing and refining his sonic needs. The TI100 amp represents a significant advance in Ionni's sonic identity whilst still retaining the aggressive tone that he is renowned for.

The TI100 delivers 100 Watts RMS of full on metal guitar tone in a twin channel format. Each of the TI100's channels features a footswitchable Pre Boost which sits right at the front of the pre amp and functions in the same way as your favorite boost pedal on your pedal board works - it does not increase the gain but boosts the signal hitting the first pre amp tube.

The two channels on the TI100 are basically the same channels with no sonic difference between them. They have been labelled up as Rhythm and Lead purely for convenience. You can decide on the configuration of each channel.

Each channel has independent Pre -Boost and Drive controls along with dedicated 3 band EQ a channel volume, an Enhance control and a Presence control. The Enhance control allows you to control the amps lower frequency response loosening or tightening the response of the amplifier depending on the volume and the speaker cabinet being used. The Presence control acts on the output section of the amplifier giving you control over the overall brightness of the amplifier.

The rear of the TI100 features the speaker connections and FX loop compliment. Along with power amp in and pre amp out jacks and the unique SYM link feature - specially designed to enable two or more TI100 to be switched simultaneously in sync. It's finished in Tony's trademark cross livery.
  • Pre-Boost, Volume and Drive controls
  • Two channels
  • Bass, Middle, Treble, Enhance and Presence EQ
  • FS4-TI footswitch supplied
  • Send and return jacks assignable to modes
  • Four 6L6 tubes
  • Eight ECC83
Our Price: AED 5,880.00

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