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About Us

With a passion for musical instruments that comes from over 30 years working in the Music Industry and touring the world, complimented by a young hip team of driven musicians comes Musician's Warehouse Dubai!

We are here to serve the region, with the coolest products, the best pricing, and service that you simply will not get anywhere else. This is our mission, and this is our goal.

For too long, musicians have been not given the choice of supply or have been ripped off by dealers. When we formed MWD we aimed to change that. And change that we have. We now offer many products where we control the pricing so that you, our customers, should have no reason any more to travel to another store, or purchase items online from around the world when you can get them right here and now, locally. Our Price Promise Products are set so that there is no where on the planet, (that we know of) where you will get these items cheaper, by the time they have arrived at your house. We have taken into calculation, import duties, freight, VAT and local clearance charges. We stand by the promise that on PPP products if you can get them cheaper, anywhere in the world, we will not only match the price, but give you a 10% store credit in addition. We are that confident. *

We started our store with this philosophy years ago, but we have now made changes to help continue delivering these promises. New staff, new showroom, out with the old, in with the new.  

So, no more having to buy boxes of strings from the UK just to get the best price and wait for the courier to loose it. Buy a single pack from us. Get it delivered if you wish! No more ordering a guitar from the States to find its arrived damaged, or faulty, and the costs of returning to the dealer makes the whole thing miserable and expensive. No more importing a guitar or amp to find a problem after 2 months, and having no recourse. No more, no more!

On certain brands we are offering extended warranties too, Free Of Charge, because we have identified the best products, and have faith in them. We want you back again and again, as returning customers. We are all musicians and therefore, will never achieve the holy grail of perfection, so even todays dream rig may need an extra stomp box next week, thats just how it is. 

With this in mind, we offer Trade-Ins, something we introduced to the market back in 2006. If you bought the item from us well give you the very best price as a Trade-In. If you didnt well still give you more than youd think! 

If you simply need to get rid of some unused items, we Pay Cash for pre-loved gear!

If you have something really special then consider also our Agency Sale scheme. Well sell your item for you. Expose it to the thousands of customers visiting our site and store daily, and when its sold, well take a commission, and offer the Warranty, while you realise most of its true value. Got a 70s Strat you need to part with? This will get you the best rate!

And when to does come to parting with your hard earned money we have even more ways to assist. We offer a Layaway service. Pay off a purchase over a period so you can spread the cost and secure the pricing, even on Sale Items. On other purchases consider our Finance Options. No banks, no interest, simply a way to help you spread costs. Or simply pay Online via PayPal, transfer via Bank Transfer or failing that simply Cash On Delivery, via our trusted couriers.

And not forgetting Rentals. Got a big gig, need something you dont own? Rent it for a day or 2. If you then decide to buy, then well refund the rental price, easy! Trial before you buy!

So, given all of these ideas and options, isnt it time that you got in touch with us? Create an Account with us by clicking here and receive newsletters and Exclusive Offers. Let us know what youre interested in, so we only mail you what you want. Why would a bass player want to know about the latest Paiste Crash Cymbal? Let us gear your valuable reading time to something thats relevant!

And after all of this, if theres anything that we can do to improve, or you don't think weve achieved our goals, please tell us. Well do our utmost to rectify it and get you back in the camp. 

We look forward to serving you.

The MWD Team

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