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DW 3000 Series Hardware Pack

Includes 3300, 3500, 3700 & 3000

3000 Series pedals are designed for every drummer. Features dual-chain Turbo drive, bearing rocker assembly, 101 2-way beaters and heavy-duty all-metal construction and more.

3500 hi-hat stands features tube joints with integrated memory locks, lateral cymbal seat adjustment, 379 locking clutch and the fast action andquick response that's made DW hi-hats famous.

The 3700 straight/boom cymbal stand  features sturdy double-braced tripod legs with offer plenty of support for large cymbals, while lighter gauge tubing makes it a good choice for gigging drummers of all musical genres.

Our 3300 snare stand has a straight-forward design that fits 12", 13" and 14" snare drums. Steel double-braced legs offer optimal support for heavy snares, while the scaled-down footprint makes it easy to position in between multi-pedal set-ups.

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