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Tanglewood TVC-X-MP

Great for Stage and Songwriting
This instrument has a midsized body that you're going to find comfortable on stage, but it's also light and portable so you can use it for songwriting or practising your chops sitting on your sofa.
Put it in one of our gigbags and you're ready to jam with friends or take it to an open mic.

This is a really distinctive-looking guitar due to the figuring on its maple body. Kind of simple, but classy... with the elegant rosette and multiple top binding.
There's a real bonus hidden in here too - that maple top has a good stiffness to it, that's going to keep feedback down when amplified, but it's also going to be better at dealing with the heat and air conditioning here in the UAE.

It doesn't mean you don't have to look after it, you need to take care of wooden instruments anywhere, but this model just helps you a little bit with that.

The neck is made from mahogany with what looks like a rosewood fingerboard. I'm liking the small dot fret markers, they keep that simple but classy theme going. There are side dots too!
This is a pretty fast neck - it's easy for electric guitar players to make the transition to, but it has enough of an authentic feel for the acoustic player too.

Setup is with a set of 11 to 52 gauge strings: That's a fairly light gauge for most people and it plays really well. But if you wanted a brighter tone you could go to a set of Earthwood 80/20s or for a bit of sweetness try a phosphor bronze set by Ernie Ball. They're all in stock here.

Unplugged the tone is big, but balanced. There's plenty to work with.
Plug the Tanglewood in and the B-Band pickup is clear and accurate and the 4 band EQ has enough active control to allow you to dial in your own tone.

The Verdict
This Tanglewood TVC guitar plays really well with good acoustic tone and an excellent pickup system. 
The simple but classy design is a winner: It's well thought through and is definitely the sort of instrument that says 'pick me up'.
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