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Tanglewood Sundance Pro TW15 NS CE

This is big-sounding, full-body dreadnought guitar featuring solid timbers throughout. 
It has a highly-playable action, a cutaway so you can get to the highest frets and it comes complete with a genuine Fishman Presys Plus pickup sytem with 4 band EQ, 2 types of feedback supression and a built in tuner.

Now let's take a closer look at this Tanglewood Sundance Pro Series guitar: It has a full size dreadnought body that really packs a punch with deep bass and substantial midrange. 
But it also has a lot of finesse: When you strum a chord, you hear all the notes in it and with those solid timbers that sound is only going to get bigger and better as you play it in.

I love the way this Tanglewood guitar is all about the wood, the feel, the playability - it's not fancy, it's just really good!
The natural satin finish protects the timbers while allowing the top to move and produce all that tone without being restricted by a heavy lacquer.
It's not plain though: there's still multiple top binding, the back is bound and what looks to be a rosewood fingerboard has nicely inlaid 'slotted diamond' fret markers.

The neck is made from solid mahogany with a diamond volute reinforcement. The back and sides are solid mahogany too which gives you that extra bit of warmth in the tone, while the solid spruce top maintains crispness and definition.

Setup is with a set of Elixir 12 to 53 gauge strings: That's a standard light gauge and it plays sweetly with them. But if you wanted more volume or play hard with a pick you could go to a set of Earthwood 13s or a set of phosphor bronze 13s by Ernie Ball. They're all in stock here and we're happy to suggest gauges and string types to try.

Unplugged the tone is really big, it's loud too. Perfect for a jam.
You plug this Tanglewood in and the Fishman Presys Plus gives you an accurate, clean voice with plenty of room for tweaking via the 4 band EQ. 
If you play live a lot, you're going to love the feedback control: Having a notch filter AND phase reversal helps you get rid of both of the main causes of feedback.

The Verdict
This Tanglewood Sundance Pro guitar plays well with a nice clean feel to the neck. The acoustic tone is really big with good depth, but also warmth and clarity.

Having solid timbers throughout (rather than plywood) means that this guitar will improve with age and improve as you play it.
It's more than worth the extra dirhams to have a guitar that will grow with you. I love it.

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