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Tanglewood TW40 D AN

Big on Tone, High on Mojo
This is an authentic 1930s-style dreadnought guitar with great vintage mojo, power and projection. 
It features a solid spruce top with forward-shifted, scalloped bracing and a host of other appointments from that golden era of guitar making, like the tortoise-style pickguard and Waverley-style tuning heads.

You get a medium-low action which is ideally suited for you to strum or flatpick, but the top is certainly responsive enough for fingerstyle too.

Now let's zoom in on this Tanglewood Sundance Historic Series guitar and see what it's all about. 
The TW40D has the same full-size dreadnought body as the original 1930s guitars and that combined with the top's scalloped bracing gives you a huge, authentic tone with both warmth AND definition.
And you've got to remember that the solid spruce top is going to deliver more tone, more warmth and more volume as you play it in.
If the way it sounds right now is only a starting point, this is going to be a monster!

The World-famous Master Luthier, Michael Sanden had a lot to do with the design of this instrument and he's got it spot on: The neck has the slightly wider nut width as per the original 30s instruments: It's a shade under 45 mm, or an inch and three quarters - so there's room for you to manouevre right up and down the fingerboard.
The machine heads are open-back, Waverley-style. They're accurate and hold tuning really well and are nice and light on the peghead.

In fact there's an excellent overall neck to body balance and it's really comfortable to play for a big guitar as well as looking like the real deal.
The back and sides of this Tanglewood Sundance Historic Series guitar are mahogany and it's finished in a natural gloss. The solid top looks like it has an aged toner which adds to its authentic vibe, the nut and bridge pins are hard ABS and (unlike the original guitars) the bone saddle has been compensated, dramatically improving the intonation.

I'm loving the tiny dot fret markers and the diamond volute neck reinforcement - all those little details point so clearly to the thought and understanding that has gone into the design.
The value for money is just staggering.

Setup is with a set of Elixir Nanoweb 11 to 52 gauge strings: That's pretty light for a dreadnought guitar, but if you wanted more volume or you play hard with a pick you could go to a set of Ernie Ball 12s or even 13s it's your choice and you may just want to experiment. These and plenty of other strings are always in stock here and we're happy to suggest gauges and string types for you to try.

The Verdict
This Tanglewood Sundance Historic Series guitar plays really well with a nice spacious feel to the neck. 
The tone is really big, warm and clear and I'm loving the warmth that's starting to come through from the trebles.

Having a solid spruce top (rather than plywood) means that this guitar will develop with age and improve as you play it.
And at only a shade over 3,000 dirhams it also costs about 30,000 bucks less than the original. 
I think you'll love it.

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