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Tanglewood TW73-E

1920s Style
This is a  really sweet 1920s-style parlour guitar from Tanglewood, featuring a fine grade solid timber top, mahogany body, a 12 fret neck join and an open or slotted peghead.
If you're a picker it offers great tonal balance and warmth unplugged, but it also features an excellent Fishman pickup and onboard Fishman Presys Plus preamp system with built in tuner and 2 types of feedback supression. 

Tanglewood has been making some excellent guitars for years now and these Sundance Pro Series instruments are spectacular.
In the UK Tanglewood is THE top selling acoustic guitar brand with a reputation built on value and reliability: It wins awards for making great-sounding guitars, that play easily and at the right price.

Now let's take a closer look at this Tanglewood Sundance Pro Series guitar and see what it's all about. 
Like the original parlour  guitars it has that great, easy feel that you get from the slightly shorter scale length. 
At about 24 3/4 inches or 628mm it's more like an old Gibson guitar  than an old Martin, but Tanglewood have done something pretty  clever in its construction to max out the tone: 
By using a reponsive Triple A-grade cedar top this instrument  really gets the most out of the energy available from the strings, while ensuring that there's good tonal depth.
And that's how it sounds right now, before you play it in...  A solid cedar top of this quality is going to get better as you play it. It's going to get louder, the bass and midrange are going to develop and improve further and the trebles are going to get sweeter.
As I've already mentioned, this guitar is built from excellent solid woods: There's no laminates or ply here. The back and sides are a nice grade Sapelle mahogany and the mahogany neck is one-piece with a two-piece heel.
The neck has additional strength where it matters most by way of the precisely-cut diamond volute behind the nut.
And the nut and bridge saddle are genuine bone for a clean, clear tone. The saddle is intonated so the guitar stays in tune as you play up the neck.
It doesn't look flashy, but everything is made well and from excellent materials.
 You can see the experience, understanding  and thought that has gone into the making this guitar as good as it is and that comes from Michael Sanden: A Master Luthier from Sweden, one of the most respected guitar makers on the planet and the man that oversees the design of these Tanglewood instruments.
Well Michael, you really hit this one right out of the park.
The attention to detail is fabulous, I love the way that Tanglewood have reinterpreted a vintage neck, slimming it down to a hand-friendly 43mm or inch and 11/16ths at the nut while retaining the old-style slotted headstock.
You know this headstock design doesn't just look great, it also increases the strings' break angle back over the nut, improving tone and sustain.
It's a great-looking piece of kit that works equally well amplified or unplugged.

The Verdict
I think you can tell how much I like this guitar. Not just for the way it looks and plays, but for its great tone and balance.
It's particulary good for blues and roots styles, but to be honest it can do pretty much anything - and it's going to get better and better as you play it.

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